Describe the computer-related technologies that you have available in your living environment and/or work environment. How have you used technologies in your previous educational experiences? How have teachers/instructors used technology to help in teaching you? What do you hope to learn in this class? Finally, provide your definition of “educational technology.” – Experiences with Technology

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The computer-related technologies that I have available in my living and working environment are a laptop PC, cell phone, touch screen monitor for cash register at work, and various programs on computers. I use my laptop for pretty much everything everyday! I use it to schedule, my source for news and weather, to do my assignments, to communicate through email and instant message, to research, shop, and just browse the Internet. I was without it for about a month and during that time I also lost my cell phone for about a week that is when I realized how dependent I have become on technology.

In my previous educational experiences I have used technology, mostly with computers, for presentations, projects, information, and just typing. I have had to use Microsoft Word every single day for the past two years for one class or another, plus Microsoft PowerPoint has helped many times to make my just okay presentations into something a little more exciting!! I have learned how to import clips and pictures, as well as sounds. I have used Excel to create graphs to go with projects also.

Teachers/instructors have used technology in the classroom to teach by creating PowerPoint presentations to go along with the lesson, the projector to give use the visual along with lecture, they have assigned Internet research projects, and foreign language instructors have used language labs effectively allowing us to record our practices, watch foreign films, listening to music in that language, etc. Without the technology I don’t think that my educational experiences would be as interesting and it allows the instructors to not have to put as much extra work into the lesson to make it more interesting.

In this class I hope to learn how to integrate more technology into the classroom, even if we have limited technological resources and how to teach students the things they need to know about computers. My definition of educational technology is pretty broad, and party came from a classmate in our class discussion, he found the definition of technology, “The application of knowledge to meet the goals, goods, and services desired by people.” So from that I would say that educational technology is applying what we know into educating our students while integrating new ways of using the technologies that we currently have to enrich the students learning.

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