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June 11, 2007 at 12:16 am Leave a comment

I recently came across this MLK Jr. site, I thought it looked pretty interesting at first, but as I read through the information and tried to search for reliable sources I couldn’t find them, or even the author of the site. So I clicked on the link to the group sponsoring the site and it was a White Nationalist Community, which I found strange, so I went back and read more of the content and links. I found that some of the links were dead or didn’t lead to what they implied and the information wasn’t really appropriate for students. Even the YouTube clip was old and didn’t work anymore, and that was the front page. I was always told that .org sites were better resources, but this site has proven to me that that is not true. The website takes a different view on MLK than I am use to and I don’t think that it is an appropriate view to teach students. This site comes up sixth on a Google search, which is appalling to me, and I am guessing it is simply because of the name of the site and the URL: I want to make sure to teach students about checking their sources carefully when searching the net and that even though the website might sound good or look good it isn’t necessarily right.


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