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As a future teacher I think Twitter could develop into something for the classroom, but I wonder about the 140 character limit. That is only a couple of sentences, and yes I do suppose that this could be very good, especially when students have questions. A student could post the question and then the reply could be seen by all of the students, because as we all know most of the time more than one student has that same question, but they are too afraid to ask. I am not exactly sure if that is how it works, but I am definitely going to look into this some more. You could even just keep the students updated on what is coming up in class, what they can work on when they have completed activities, etc. so the whole class doesn’t feel rushed or interrupted when completing assignments or projects. It would be perfect for a computer classroom, but could also be helpful to parents of students. The parents could ask questions or see throughout the day what the students are up to if the teacher keeps the twitter updated. Twitter could become the most up-to-date way to know what is going on, because it is short, sweet, and to the point!

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